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Long May weekend has passed but we don't slow down. On the nearest Sunday (12 of May 2018) starts another edition of the May Picnic in Zawieprzyce. The program includes demonstrations of wielding white weapons, bicycle rallies, culinary competitions or performances of musical bands. Learn more at: www.spiczyn.pl


In Lublin region May awaits with blooming flowers, meadows, birds chirping, and cool cultural events. There will be something for history lovers, fans of active rest, and even for the enthusiast of enotourism. There's plenty to choose from. See you in Lubelskie!   Season Lublin 2018 27 April – 6 May 2018 Lublin Season Lublin is a series of cultural, artistic, and sport events organised specifically for the inauguration of the tourist season in Lublin. Learn more at: www.sezon.lublin.eu Open Days at the Hola Open Air Museum 30 April – 3 May 2018 Hola How did the live in Polesie look like in the beginning of XX century? You will find the answer during the visit in the picturesque Hola Open Air Museum. Learn more at: www.turystyka-pojezierze.pl City Moto Picnic in Włodawa 1 May 2018 Włodawa Roar of engines, smell of fumes, and explosion of emotions. Among the attractions of the Moto Picnic in Włodawa you'll find a Wreck Race, motocycle parade, as well as the motocycle contests. Learn more at: www.turystyka-pojezierze.pl May picnic in Slavic Gord 1 May 2018 Wólka Bielecka Let's see how our slavic ancestors lived. Weapons shows, clay art, archery, and many other attractions await. We'll also see how a slavic wedding looked like. Learn more at: www.horodyszcze.lbn.pl Open Days in Poleski National Park 1 – 2 May 2018 Poleski National Park invites for an adventure among the lakes, swamps and marches. Learn more at: www.poleskipn.pl Na Bruku - VI Festival of Street Arts 1 – 2 May 2018 Zamość Circus artists from all over the country will come to Zamość to enchant the citizens and turists with their talents. The festival will take place within the Zamość May Picnic. Learn more at: facebook.com XIII May Picnic in Polesie 1 – 3 May 2018 Beauty of nature, silence, tranquility... Polesie invites for some May relax. Kayaking, excursions, and a bonfire are planned. Learn more at: www.turystyka-pojezierze.pl Uniform Picnic 1 – 3 May 2018 Kozłówka A visit in the Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka is always a good idea. Additional attraction will be the Uniform Picnic. Learn more at: www.muzeumzamoyskich.pl Meetings with archeology 1 – 3 May 2018 Żmijowiska Grodzisko Żmijowiska invites you to the traditional "Meetings with archeology". On the last day of the event the participants of the tv show "Ugotowani" will visit the institution and present spring, slavic cuisines. Learn more at: www.mnkd.pl Welcoming the beavers - X Spring Kayaking 1 - 5 May 2018 Let's get enchanted by the beauty of Polesie. Go along the river streams and discover our magnificent region. Learn more at: www.itchelm.pl Zamość May Picnic 1 – 5 May 2018 Zamość The Ideal City invites for an ideal picnic. Many attractions in the program. Learn more at: www.zamosc.pl Independent Picnic in the Arsenal 2 May 2018 Zamość The Arsenal Museum of Fortifications and Weaponry invites for educational and cultural events commemorating the adopting of The Constitution of 3 May 1791. Learn more at: www.muzeumarsenal.pl The polonaise for Lublin 3 May 2018 Lublin Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the polonaise. The mayor and the citizens of Lublin will dance this beautiful national dance. Learn more at: www.lublin.eu Dancing Picnic with Carp 3 May 2018 Krasnystaw The 12th edition of our Dancing Picnic with Carp. Local products, folk groups performances, and traditional crafts - you'll find it all in Krasnystaw. Learn more at: www.kultura.krasnystaw.pl Horse Day in Sienkiewiczówka 6 May 2018 Wola Okrzejska Interesting proposition for the horse lovers. On the first Sunday of May a Horse Day will take place in the Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum. For the visitors await shows of the horse reconstruction groups and horse rides. The founds gathered on this day will be used to buy mementos after our Noble winner. Learn more at: facebook.com CODES – Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music 9 – 12 May 2018 Lublin The festival presenting various types of music - from traditional to contemporary. You've got to hear that! Learn more at: www.kody-festiwal.pl Regional Opening of Kayaking Season 12 May 2018 Jaszczów It's time to start the kayaking season. Let's grab the paddles and to the river! For those who prefer to stay at the land a bike rally is planned. Learn more at: www.turystyka-pojezierze.pl Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 13 – 21 May 2018 Lublin The biggest documentary film festival in Poland will come to Lublin again. Interesting documentary movies, debates and concerts await the guests. Learn more at: www.docsag.pl National Puppeteers Meetings 16 – 20 May 2018 Lublin It's time for the National Puppeteers Meetings. All kinds of puppets will introduce the audiences to the world of puppet theater. Learn more at: www.wok.lublin.pl Day of Active Tourism at the Market Square 18 May 2018 Zamość For those who dream about active rest. Learn more at: www.zamosc.pl IX Lublin Tourist Fair 18 – 20 May 2018 Lublin On the penultimate weekend of May an atmosphere of vacation will come to Lublin. All because of the IX Lublin Tourist Fair. Among many exhibitors we'll see the representatives of sunny Bulgaria. Learn more at: www.lrot.pl Night of the Museums 19/20 May 2018 We are not sleeping, we are sightseeing! Cultural institutions invite the vespertines. Kozienalia - Lublin Days of Student Culture 18 – 20 May 2018 Lublin The feast of music, youth and fun. Learn more at: www.kozienalia.pl Ultra Roztocze 18 – 20 May 2018 Józefów Ready, steady, go! No time to linger. Beautiful Roztocze awaits the contestants. Learn more at: www.ultraroztocze.pl Themed Walk around Zamość 20 May 2018 Zamość A cycle of free, thematic tours around Zamosc. Discover the remarkable history of "ideal city". The May theme of the tour will be the figure of Jan Zamoyski, the founder of Zamość. It is worth to hurry - the number of places is limited. Learn more at: www.zci.zamosc.pl Podlaski Marian Song Festival 20 May 2018 Leśna Podlaska He who sings, prays twice. Singers, bands, and choirs will present their talents during the Podlaski Marian Song Festival in the Sanctuary in Leśna Podlaska. Learn more at: www.lesnapodlaska.pl VIII History Meetings in Kazimierz Dolny 20 May 2018 Kazimierz Dolny The market square in Kazimierz will be filled with antique military cars. A reconstrucion groups will also make an appearance and show the viewers distant historical events. Learn more at: www.kokpit.com.pl Antonina Campi Opera Masterclass 21 – 26 May 2018 Lublin Antonina Miklaszewicz Campi was a court singer for king Stanisław August and a prima donna of Viennese opera who debuted in Lublin. Will another diamond of musical world reveal itself on Lublin stage? Learn more at: www.antonina.campi.spotkaniakultur.com Zamość Fortress Siege 25 – 27 May 2018 Zamość The show about 1648 and 1656 events. Apart from the battles reconstructions, archery tournaments and presentations of the clothes from the epoue await the participants. Learn more at: www.turystyka.zamosc.pl Green Velo Rally 26 May 2018 Let's hop on the bikes and admire beautiful landsapes of the Bug River valey. Lublin Reigonal Tourist Organization invites for another Green Velo Rally. The rout of May event leads from Włodawa to Kodeń. For interested participants there's a possibility of taking part in a kayaking trip next day. Learn more at: www.lrot.pl Wine Fest in Janowiec 26 May 2018 Janowiec Wines... white, red, pink, dry, sweet. The mere multitude of types can make you dizzy. Learn more at: www.winnicempw.pl On the Culinary Trail of Eastern Poland / "In the land of pierogi" - national pierogi festival 26 – 27 May 2018 Bychawa The dumplings have undoubtedly become one of the most distinguishable marks of Poland. Why? They are delicious! It is no surprise that we have the festival dedicated to this dish. World Championship in eating Pierogi are also scheduled for the Festival! Learn more at: www.ebck.pl May Picnic with Mister Prus 27 May 2018 Nałęczów Let's travel back in time to the old Nałęczów, where Bolesław Prus himself trod through the streets of the city. Learn more at: www.muzeumlubelskie.pl Festival of Colours 27 May 2018 Lublin A colorful dizziness on the grounds of the Perła Brewery! Come and color your world with all the colors of the rainbow. Joy and fun in the purest form. Learn more at: www.festiwalkolorow.pl Children Day at the castle - IV Castle Tournament for Esterka's Golden Rose 30 May 2018 Kazimierz Dolny Hey, kids! It's time to visit the castle in Kazimiedz Dolny. Plenty of attractions await. Learn more at: www.kokpit.com.pl


Horses have accompanied people for ages. Thanks to these beautiful animals everyday work was easier and mear bearable. On Sunday (15 April) in Open Air Village Museum in Lublin the visitors will be able to see these majestic creatures at work. Learn more at: www.skansen.lublin.pl


April is ahead of us. The first fully spring month, at least in the calendar. Around us everything awakes from the winter slumber. But not only in nature a lot is going on. A lot of events in Lublin Voivodeship will bring us some spring energy.   Tattoo Festival Lublin 7 – 8 April 2018 Lublin News of the tattoo industry and amazing artists. Intriguing stage shows, artistic exhibitions, and great music. Lublin invites for Tattoo Days. Learn more at: www.tattoodays.pl International Illusionists Festival Champions of Illusion 8 April 2018 Biała Podlaska Illusionists from different corners of the world will arrive to Biała Podlaska to present a fascinating spectacle "Magic show- tour of the world" to Polish public. Popular Polish kings of illusion will also make an appearance. National Championship in Spin and Fly Fishing - Pstrąg Roztocza 15 April 2018 National fishing competition will take place on the several rivers of Roztocze. The fishermen will be competing on Wieprz, Tanew, and Sopot, among others. Learn more at: www.roztoczewita.pl V Voivodeship Ballet Meetings 15 April 2018 Świdnik Voivodeship Ballet Meetings is a great opportuinity to child and youth dancing teams practice their tallents on stage. It's also an opportunity for integration. Learn more at: www.mok.swidnik.pl Lublin Jazz Festival 15 – 22 April 2018 Lublin Jazz on the highest world standard will bring the amazing atmosphere to Lublin. It will be the tenth edition of the biggest jazz event in the region. Learn more at: www.lublinjazz.pl Festiwal Scenografii i Kostiumów „Scena w Budowie“ 19 - 22 April 2018 Lublin Przed nami wielki finał Festiwalu Scenografii i Kostiumów „Scena w Budowie“. Już 21 kwietnia odbędzie się gala, na której zostaną wręczone nagrody. Uroczystość poprowadzi Grażyna Torbicka. Natomiast 22 kwietnia w koncercie finałowym wystąpi izraelska piosenkarka Yasmin Levy. Learn more at: www.spotkaniakultur.com Wschody Festival 19 – 22 April 2018 Lublin Chatka Żaka and Się Tworzy Fundation invite for the seventh edition of the popular music festival "Wschody". Learn more at: www.wschodyfestiwal.pl National Championship of Gliders Models 21 - 22 April 2018 Radawiec On the penultimate weekend of April it's worth to visit Radawiec and look up at the sky. National Championship of Gliders Models, organized at the nearby airport, will surely entertain not only the enthusiasts. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Regional Review of Folk Bands and Singers 21 April 2018 Susiec Melodies and songs hummed by our ancestors will resound in the Culture Centre in Susiec. The review will take place within the eliminations to the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny. Learn more at: www.roztoczewita.pl   Susiec Fair 29 April 2018 Susiec As every year the tourist season in Susiec we'll start with the Susiec Fair. The market stalls will be full of regional treats and crafts.