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Lazy Autumn? Not in the Lublin Voivodeship! Plenty of attractions await. Festivals, spectacles, concert, and a lot of outdoor activities. See you in Lubelskie Region. Theatrical Autumn 4 September – 30 November Zamość Autumn cycle of theatre spectacles in Zamość. Learn more at: www.zdk.zamosc.pl 40th anniversary festival 28 September – 1 October 2017 Gardzienice The 40th Anniversary Festival is this year's edition of the International Festival of Wandering Theaters. The event's program includes performances or workshops. The main themes of this year's edition are weddings. Learn more at: www.gardzienice.org/ Exhibition: Pablo Picasso – Multiple Image 29 September – 3 December 2017 Lublin Picasso in Lublin! Works of one of the most outstanding artists of the 20th century will appear in Lublin Castle. The Lublin Museum invites you to an exhibition of Cubism father's artwork and ceramics. Learn more at: www.muzeumlubelskie.pl/ Representational Artistic Band of the Polish Army 1 October 2017 Biała Podlaska The artistic side of the Polish Army! The band's concert will take place during Patron Days of Biala Podlaska 2017. Learn more at: www.bialapodlaska.pl/ IX Festival of Art in Public Space - Open City 3 – 31 October 2017 Lublin For the ninth time contemporary art will appear on the streets of Lublin. The urban landscape will be enriched with a variety of artistic installations. Next to the monuments of architecture will appear works of contemporary artists. The center of Lublin will turn into an art gallery. It's a must see! Learn more at: www.opencity.pl XXII Theatre Confrontations Festival 6 – 15 October 2017 Lublin Another edition of the Threatre Confrontations Festival awaits us. A true gem for theatre lovers. Learn more at: www.konfrontacje.pl Sightseeing with ghosts 6 October 2017 Kozłówka The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka invites you to visit the palace chambes accompanied by the ghost of Maria from Granowo Zamoyska. It's gonna be a little scary! Learn more at: www.muzeumzamoyskich.pl/ Chatka Blues Festival 6 – 7 October 2017 Lublin Great news for those who like blues tunes. Another edition of Chatka Blues Festival. You can’t miss it! Learn more at: www.chatkablues.pl Poland See More - Half-price weekend 6 – 8 October 2017 Another edition of the popular national event. On the second weekend of October tourists can expect attractive discounts! Let's go! Learn more at: www.polskazobaczwiecej.pl XII National Fantasy Convention "Mantikora" 6 – 8 October 2017 Lubartów A true feast for the fans of fantasy and science-fiction. Contests, meetings, and many other attractions. Learn more at: www.loklubartow.pl/ IX Literary Festival of Biała Podlaska 6 – 8 October 2017 Biała Podlaska The second weekend of October in Biała Podlaska will start the ninth edition of Literary Festival - The Silence of Unfinished Spaces. Learn more at: www.bialapodlaska.pl/ Local Product Fair 8 October 2017 Kazimierz Dolny Looing for an idea how to spend Sunday? A trip to the picturesque Kazimierz Dolny and tasting local products sounds delicous! Learn more at: www.zielonypierscien.eu XVIII Sobibór Run 8 October 2017 The main theme: "Hasło przewodnie: "Save from the oblivion, teach for the future." Route: Sobibór - Włodawa. Learn more at: www.mosir.wlodawa.eu/ XXXIV National Convention of Polish Village Theatres 13 – 15 October 2017 Tarnogród A combination of theatre and folklore. It must be great! Learn more at: www.wok.lublin.pl/ Local Products Fair 15 October 2017 Nałęczów The spa town invites you to a fair of native products. There will be plenty to choose from!  Learn more at: www.zielonypierscien.eu Themed walk in Zamość 15 October 2017 Zamość We continue with the cycle of free walking tours around Zamość. Discover the amazing history of the "Renessaince Pearl". In October we will follow the footsteps of Bolesław Leśmian. The number of places is limited. Learn more at: www.zci.zamosc.pl/ Autumn Bike Rally 15, 22 October 2017 okolice Puław Let's hop on the bikes and make use of the rays of Autumn sun! Learn more at: www.mosir.pulawy.pl/ XVIII Regional Cabaret Meetings „Kąkolewisko” 22 October 2017 Kąkolewnica Laughter is good for health. Therefore, in order to care for the condition of our body, it is worth to go to Kąkolewnica for Regional Cabaret Meetings. Great fun guaranteed!  Learn more at: www.wok.lublin.pl Jazz All Saint's Day 28 October 2017 Opole Lubelskie Jazz nostalgy in the Centre for Culture in Opole Lubelskie. Obligatory presence for the lovers of this musical genre. Learn more at: www.ockopolelubelskie.pl II Night Run In Memory of the Heroic Pilots of Podlasie 28 October 2017 Biała Podlaska The runners will face darkness and fatigue, all with respect and gratitude to the heroes of Podlasie.  Learn more at: www.facebook.com/ International Ecumenical Congress "Lublin - city of religious reconciliation 2017" 29 – 31 October 2017 Lublin The last 3 days of October will be marked by the dialogue between the denominations - Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Evangelicism. Learn more at: www.700.lublin.eu


Emotions of art - this is the slogan of the next stage of the 700th Anniversary of the City of Lublin celebrations. European Festival of Flavour, Festival of the Lublin Legends, Chatka Blues Festival, Open City, Theater Confrontations Festival, International Dance Theater Meetings - these are just some of the propositions for artistic autumn in Lublin. Let's celebrate together! More information about the events: www.700.lublin.eu. Occasional folders and flyers are available at the Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Center.


September. Birds fly south, children come back to school, and many of us cry for the passing Summer. But there's no reason for sadness. September in Lubelskie Region is time for many colourful festivals, interesting events, and plenty of attractions. We invite you to Lublin Voivodeship where, despite colder winds, we do not slow down. See you there! Experimental Archeology Workshops 28 August – 3 September 2017 Grodzisko Żmijowiska How did the work of a medieval potter look like? How to recognize edible plants? The answers for these and many other questions will be revealed during the Workshop of Experimental Archeology in Żmijowiska. Learn more at: www.mnkd.pl/grodzisko-zmijowiska VII International Brass Bands Festival 1 – 3 September 2017 Puławy The Puławski County will resound with trumpets and trombones. Polish and foreign orchestras will be seen and heard in Puławy, Kazimierz Dolny, Wąwolnica and Trzcianki. Learn more at: www.facebook.com National Reading Day in Zamość 2 September 2017 Zamość Stanisław Wyspiański's "Wesele" will be heard in the Great Market Square in Zamość. Learn more at: www.biblioteka.zamosc.pl Lublin Business Run 2017 3 September 2017 Lublin Ready, steady, go! We run to help those in need. Learn more at: www.lublinbusinessrun.pl European Festival of Flavour 4 – 10 September 2017 Lublin A festival that will allow you to taste cuisines from different part of Europe. This year's main theme will be Italy. Buon appetito! Learn more at: www.europejskifestiwalsmaku.pl Theatrical Autumn 4 September – 30 November Zamość Autumn cycle of theatre spectacles in Zamość. Learn more at: www.zdk.zamosc.pl "Treasures of Grody Czerwieńskie" 8 September 2017 Zamość From 8th of September in Zamość Museum the visitors will be able to admire items obtained during the archeological research between 1952 and 2015. Learn more at: www.muzeum-zamojskie.pl International Meetings of Jazz Singers 8 - 9 September 2017 Zamość The festival is enriched with a competition for young jazz singers. A mandatory event for all lovers of the genre. Learn more at: www.kosz.zam.pl Wings over Kazimierz 9 September 2017 Kazimierz Dolny A real treat for aviation lovers. In September, in the picturesque Kazimierz Dolny an outdoor event "Wings over Kazimierz" will be held. The program has many attractions, both in heaven and on earth. Learn more at: www.kazimierzdolny.pl Soap bubbles Festival 9 September 2017 Biała Podlaska Is it possible not to like soap bubbles? We don't think so. This magical play enchants not only children. Soap Bubbles Festival will take place on the 9th of Setpember in Biała Podlaska. Learn more at: www.facebook.com Land Art Park Kozłówka - Lubartów 9 – 10 September 2017 Kozłówka Artists from Poland and abroad will come to beautiful Kozłówka to present their realizations created in the spirit of land art. Learn more at: www.edd.nid.pl Baked Potato Festival 10 September 2017 Tomaszów Lubelski The smell of freshly baked potatos is one of the scent associated with the end of Summer. Let's celebrate this time together and catch the last rays of sunshine during the Baked Potato Festival in Tomaszów Lubelski. Learn more at: www.roztoczewita.pl Slavic Summer 10 September 2017 Grodzisko Żmijowiska An outdoor event that summarizes this year's tourist season in Grodzisko Żmijowiska. The attractions will include visiting the open-air village museum, and presentation of the Association of the Knights of Lublin. Learn more at: www.edd.nid.pl Grape Harvest in Kazimierz 16 September 2017 Kazimierz Dolny The end of summer, a time for great swirl in the vineyards. The sun-warmed fruits begin their transformation into fine wines. Together with the winemakers we celebrate this extraordinary time during the Kazimierz Grape Harvest. Learn more at: www.winiarzempw.pl Themed walk in Zamość 16 September 2017 Zamość We continue with the cycle of free walking tours around Zamość. Discover the amazing history of the "Renessaince Pearl". The number of places is limited. Learn more at: www.zci.zamosc.pl Reconstruction of the Battles of Tomaszów 17 September 2017 Tomaszów Lubelski The organizers invite to the fields in Dąbrowa Tomaszowaska for the impressive reconstructions of the battles that took place in September 1939. History lovers can't miss that! Learn more at: www.roztoczewita.pl Lublin Legends Festival 21 – 23 September 2017 Lublin Almost every place on Earth has its own legends, told for generations. Histories about people, old times, or fantastic creatures. It couldn't be any different in Lublin. What's more, Lublin has quite a lot legends. Some of them are scary, some are amazing, and some show the history of our city. We invite all the people curious about the devilish court, Goldsmith's beautiful daughter, the genesis of Lublin's name, and many other Lublin secrets, to the Lublin Legends Festival. It's gonna be legendary! Learn more at: www.700.lublin.eu Festival of Three Cultures 22 – 24 September 2017 Włodawa Włodawa is a place where history was written by various communities. The Festival of Three Cultures brings together the past and the traditions of the city, where three religions used to coexist - Catholicism, Judaism and Orthodoxy.  Learn more at: www.muzeumwlodawa.pl Days of Music in Zamość 23 – 24 September 2017 Zamość Karol Namysłowski's Symphonic Orchestra invites to Days of Music in Zamość. Learn more at: www.namyslowiacy.pl Autumn Festival 24 September 2017 Kazimierz Dolny Summer always ends faster than we would want. However, there is no reason for sadness. Autumn is ahead of us! Time of gathering the gifts of nature, colorful leaves and bustling bustle in the animal kingdom. Let's celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season together in Kazimierz Dolny. Learn more at: www.mnkd.pl I Forest Health Run 30 September 2017 Hola (near Biała Podlaska) It is universally known - movement is health, and fresh air is like an injection of pure vitality. Let's book the last day of September and visit Hola for the first Forest Run for Health. Learn more at: www.facebook.com


Enchanting organ music in the Marian sanctuary in Krasnobród. Two concerts are planed for August (6.08 and 20.08). Hear you there! Learn more at www.krasnobrod-sanktuarium.pl