Are you planning to visit the Lublin Region in 2022? Check out the events calendar. Among of attractions that await you, there are the events such as the Night of Culture, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Jagiellonian Fair, and the European Festival of Taste in Lublin, Zamość Fortress Siege, Hetman's Fair, the Two Riversides Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec, Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec, and many other unique events. We already know the dates. Check and choose something for yourself!


Long live the carnival

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Fancy a carnival? Visit Zamość and feel like you're in Venice. Zamość Arlekinade (11 June 2022) is a traditional show combining theater, music and dance, inspired by the comedy dell'arte. Each year it delights tourists and residents of the "Padua of the North". Would you like something more? The end of July is a perfect time to come to Lublin. That's when the city streets are taken over by the magicians, jugglers, acrobats, musicians, and buskers from all over the world. You'll also see the slackliners that impress with their courage and dexterity during their nonchalant walks above the Lublin streets. It's four days of great fun during the iconic Carnaval Sztukmistrzów (28-31 July 2022).


Folk vibes

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Are you a folklore enthusiast? Colorful stalls bending under the weight of regional delicacies, wonderful aromas, handicraft, concerts of traditional music and the famous dance parties - you will experience all of this in Lublin, during the Jagiellonian Fair (19-21 August 2022). The event refers to the popular Lublin fairs from the golden period of the Jagiellonian dynasty reign. Do you like experiencing a place with all your senses? Then make sure to visit the Hetman's Fair in Zamość (4-5 June 2022), where you will learn about local traditions and buy products from local creators. If you are interested in the traditional culture of near and far countries, be sure to go to the International Folklore Meetings (9-14 July 2022). How about a dancing and singing Zamość? Another edition of the Eurofolk Festival also takes place in July (11-18 July 2022).


The taste of Lubelskie

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Do something nice for your taste buds and go on a culinary journey through the Lublin region. Lublin tastes great, especially during the European Festival of Taste (5-11 September 2022), when you will get to know the various flavours of Europe without having to travel hundreds of kilometers. The event is accompanied by concerts and numerous cultural events. Gryczaki, the festival of groats and folk art (6-7 August 2022) in Janów Lubelski, is a must for all tradition lovers. Try local specialties during the tenth edition of the Local Product Festival in the Nałęczów park (31 July 2022). Or maybe something that will make you a tiny bit tipsy? The "Chmielaki Krasnostawskie" National Brewer's Festival (19-21 August 2022) is the oldest beer festival in Poland. Do you prefer wine? White, red, pink, dry, sweet - the opportunity for tasting will come in May during the Wine Festival in Janowiec (28-29 May 2022). Cheers!


Admire the colours of the sky

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Would you like to feel like on cloud nine? The International Balloon Competition in Nałęczów (12-15 August 2022) will give you the right experience. The sky full of colourful balloons, interesting artistic events, all that in a beautiful setting of the famous health resort. Or maybe you prefer a faster pace? If so, then we recommend an amazing show in the skies of Świdnik. The next edition of Świdnik Air Festival (June 2022) awaits. The program includes numerous attractions - including demonstrations of aerobatic teams, military machines, and historical airplanes.


Destination: the past

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Would you like to face the story? You will experience a real time travel during the spectacular historical spectacle of the Zamość Fortress Siege. It is a staging of the defense of the Zamość fortress in 1648 and 1656, accompanied by demonstrations of the use of a saber, archery tournaments, and equestrian shows. Or maybe you follow the adventures of Sienkiewicz's literary heroes? Then, in mid-June, visit Janowiec and see soldiers and knights in shining armours with your own eyes. Museologists and reconstruction groups will introduce the viewers to life from centuries ago during the Meetings with history at the Janowiec Castle (17-19 June 2022). You will also have an opportunity to learn about the history of Polish military at the Polish Arms Festival in Janów Lubelski (14 August 2022). There will also be something for the lovers of the nineteenth-century glitz and elegance - we recommend the May Picnic with Mister Prus in Nałęczów (22 May 2022).


Find your tune

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Who doesn't like to have fun to the rhythm of extraordinary music? Make sure to visit Lublin during CODES – The Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music (11-14 May 2022), and the Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival (7-10 July 2022) and you will be captivated by the various faces of music, at their best. Another proposition is the Kazimiernikejszyn festival in Kazimierz Dolny (13-17 July 2022), i.e. spontaneous concerts played by musicians who, first and foremost, value the joy of life and contact with the audience. Or maybe you like humming folk tunes? Kazimierz Dolny invites to the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers. For over 50 years now, the town by the Vistula River annually becomes a stage for rivalry of the folk bands from all over the country.


On the silver screen

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Are you a fan of a good movie? Visit Janów Lubelski in July and enjoy the Festival of Film and Television Artists "FART" (18-24 July 2022). At the beginning of August the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec will take place - a true celebration of cinematography in the picturesque scenery of the Vistula River. Then it is worth moving to the south of the region, where the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec will be held at the gates of the Roztocze National Park (7-15 August 2022). Fans of the interesting reportages and documentaries will not be disappointed by the Zamość Film Festival "Meetings with history" (18-20 August 2022), and those who prefer independent cinema should keep an eye on the Lublin Film Festival (Autumn 2022). Awaken the film appetite with the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Lublin (13-22 May 2022).


And there's more to come!

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You want more? Take part in the Night of Culture in Lublin (4/5 June 2022) and let yourself be enchanted by the amazing artistic installations integrated into the old town architecture. It will also be a special year of the 200 years anniversary of the Lublin Old Theatre, which invites for another edition of the "Śleboda / Danutka" - Danuta Szaflarska's Festival (15-19 June 2022). An important piece of information for the fans of literature and Polish language is that the VIII edition of the Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn and Zamość will take place in August (7-13 August 2022). Support the world's leading cyclists struggling with Lublin sections of the Tour de Pologne (30 July - 5 August 2022). Admire the craftsmanship of the blacksmith artists during the National Smithery Art Workshops and Art Fair in Wojciechów (9-10 July 2022). Remember about the National Puppeteers Meetings in Puławy (20-22 May 2022), the National Arabian Horse Show in Janów Podlaski (August 2022), the Pardes Festival - Meetings with Jewish Culture in Janowiec and Kazimierz Dolny (6-11 September 2022). "Open City" - Festival of Art in Public Space (9 September - 7 October 2022) will be a great proposition for all the enthusiasts of contemporary art. And we can't imagine a different end of year rather than in the company of the Brodacze of Sławatycze! (29-31 December 2022).

There's no chance for us to mention all of the magnificent events that will take place in 2022 in the Lublin Region in a single article. More information you will find in the events calendar Lubelskie 2022.


Lubelskie invites for a visit!


*Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic the dates of particular of events may change. Up to date information should be found directly on the organizers' websites.


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